ABC Trace Free Support

Please email us at abctracefree@smartkidsontherun.com for support or comments.

  • I can't get the full version - ABC Trace (Full Version) is now available
  • The free version only includes the letters A through G
  • Volume Level - Please use the standard volume controls to raise the volume to full
  • Automatic Reward - The letters do not have to be fully traced
  • Trace Speed - After the finger stops tracing, it will take 2 seconds for the character animation
What's Updated - ABC Trace Free - Version 1.1
  • Full Screen Mode for more tracing area
  • Larger reward character
  • More letters - A through G
  • Louder audio
  • Name of reward character
What's Coming - Version 1.2
  • Sound of reward character
  • No automatic reward - tracing must be complete
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